Building on its inaugural success, the 2024 Sanlam ESG Barometer is broadening its scope to include insights from listed companies in Kenya. This expansion marks a significant step towards providing a comprehensive assessment of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices across Africa.

Presented in collaboration with Business Day, the 2024 Sanlam ESG Barometer report will delve into the evolving ESG dynamics, examining how both JSE-listed and Kenyan-listed companies are actively enhancing environmental and social outcomes through their operations.

“For Sanlam, expanding the Sanlam ESG Barometer to Kenya marks a significant step in our commitment to enhancing ESG standards across Africa,” says Abel Sakhau, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sanlam. “By extending this crucial research beyond our borders, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of environmental, social, and governance factors, enabling more informed decisions and driving sustainable practices throughout the continent. This expansion is not just about measurement and/or highlighting competitive aspects; it’s about inspiring change and building resilience in emerging markets, starting with Kenya in 2024.”

Dr. Stuart Theobald, Executive Chairman of Krutham (formerly Intellidex), the organization conducting the research, underscores the importance of this expansion. “By incorporating perspectives from diverse African economies, we aim to enrich discussions on sustainable investing throughout the continent,” says Theobald.

The upcoming Sanlam ESG Barometer Conference, scheduled for August in Gauteng, will shine a spotlight on ESG additionality, exploring how investment decisions by companies can drive transformative change for societies.

Addressing South Africa’s transition to a low-carbon economy, the conference will tackle the challenge of balancing capital attraction with environmental and social concerns, particularly in the realm of electricity production. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring a just transition that prioritizes social issues and mitigates job losses.

Furthermore, the report will delve into the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into corporate ESG strategies, examining how companies in South Africa and Kenya align their practices with SDGs and identifying barriers to adoption. An ESG additionality approach that seeks to understand whether companies have a positive effect on environmental and social goals is critical not only for South Africa, but for the continent as a whole.

Theobald concludes, “By expanding the geographical scope of the Sanlam ESG Barometer research, we aim to enrich the dialogue on sustainable investing across Africa.”

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